• 2040

    Crusty Demons - Broken Records

    Join the elite FMX pilots of Crusty Demons as they set out to rewrite history and take FMX to a whole new level. more info

  • 2130

    Extreme Fighting Championship

    Series 2017, Episode 287 The Extreme Fighting Championship is the biggest Mixed Martial Arts competition on the African continent. more info

  • 2220

    Rumble & Hum

    Series 1, Episode 4 Follow Lewis "Vudulew" Williams as he opens his own, high-end tattoo, piercing and barber's studio in Johannesburg. With a shop to build out and a team to manage it's a chaotic new challenge for Vudulew. more info

  • 2310

    World of X Games

    Series 2018, Episode 10 Featuring a variety of X Games and athlete-focused content. Home to the men's and women's World Surfing League tour, plus event previews and recaps from X Games Austin and Aspen. more info

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