NeilPryde Windsurfing 2013 Sail Collection

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NeilPryde Windsurfing 2013 Sail Collection

Game changers. Again. The 2013 NeilPryde sail range. Engineered for unprecedented levels of performance for the ride of your life -- at least for theshow more next year anyway. The old school used to assess performance as a measurement of straight line speed from A to B. Useful, if all you want to do is go fast. But you're here for more than that, and so are we. From now on, performance will be measured only on our terms: strength, endurance, handling and also appearance. Enter the 2013 range, where mercurial simplicity conceals some extraordinary technology. We've re-written the rule book on how performance should be engineered, as well. The result are sails with intimidating construction that keeps their shape, power and strength for longer than any before it. There has never been a better sail made. But there's something else happening here. Something more intangible than an object that is simply the sum of its parts. You can't measure it. It's not an algorithm. It's called a 'feeling'. You just know when it's right. When you want to push yourself closer to the limit, NeilPryde sails will take you there (and back), time and time again. If you want to win, want to sail the extremes or even if you just want your conscience to ride free of compromise... The 2013 range will perform, because they're engineered to do precisely that. You've got one life, ride it less


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