Cold Wheels by Freeze It supported by Blue Tomato

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Cold Wheels by Freeze It supported by Blue Tomato

Four young students with no budget and a dream: Create a short movie using bullet time effects as known from Hollywood's million dollar productions suchshow more as "The Matrix". Blue Tomato and its skateboard team stepped in to support the project and the team killed it on DIY obstacles in the time-honoured halls of the "Gschwandner". Find more background information here: RIDERS: Philipp Schuster, Christopher Scherscher, Julia Brückler, Robert Klug, Benjamin Kerschner, David Knes, Tom Kozissnik, Dominik Müller-Guttenbrunn MUSIC Austrian Apparel PRODUCERS Tereza Mundilová, Lisa-Marie Reiter, Melanie Schneider, Johannes Traun show less


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