Element Contest Series 2011 - Warsaw, Poland

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Element Contest Series 2011 - Warsaw, Poland

Element Make it Count 2011 - Warsaw, Poland Congrats to MichaI Mazur who won the Polish Make it Count Contest! Michal won himself a tripshow more to the European Finals in Madrid on 14th of May 2011! OVERALL WINNER MichaI Mazur FUN BOX & HUBBA 15 AND OVER - Tomasz ZiOIkowski UNDER 15- Maciek Pietrowski ELEMENT BOX 15 AND OVER - Przemek WardEga UNDER 15 - Konrad KruZyNski STAIRS & HANDRAIL 15 AND OVER - MichaI Mazur UNDER 15 - Mateusz Kornelishow less


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