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Marmotte Highline Project Did you already see a marmot highlining? No? Me neither.... Let me tell you the whole story of this film. March 2012,show more I walked for the first time on a highline, in the "Gorges du Verdon". May 2012, I bolted my first highline in the massif of "Vercors", really close to Grenoble. During the next two months, i created 5 new highlines around the first one. After the first film I did in the Verdon (https://vimeo.com/40876459), I wanted to do another one. I didn't want to show only professional highliners, but that everybody can try and walk on a highline. Most of the slacker I know never tried the highline before I create the M.H.P. It really was a double project. The spot : an amazing place with 360° view, a very high cliff (350m) and good weather. 4 highlines : "Le pied d'Alain" 18m, "Bitafiskur" 30m, "L'Arc-en-Ciel des Bisounours" 35m and "Vas-y pas Lucette" 55m. The highliners : our friends, the friends of our friends and some tourists... We decided to spent a week on the spot. All the people you'll see in this film are like you and me, there are not professional, most of them never saw a highline before. You'll feel their fear, their sensations and discover one of the most beautiful spot for highlining in the French Alps. So, why Marmotte Highline Project... If somebody ask you, you'll say like me : "I don't really know"!! The first time this film have been broadcasted it was at "les Rencontres du Cinéma de Montagne de Grenoble", on november, 23th. It's an amazing and very important mountain film festival. It happened each year during a whole week. Every night, there are something like 3000 persons. It was a honor for me that my film was part of this huge festival. More infos and pictures on http://www.pierrechauffour.com And https://www.facebook.com/PierreChauffourPhotography Enjoy and share...show less


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