Red Bull Cliff Diving Hamburg - Workshop

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Red Bull Cliff Diving Hamburg - Workshop

Twelve men, eight challenging competitions and 26 metres between take-off and dive. Physical mastery, pure aesthetics, deathly silence and crackling tension - that´s the formulashow more the new Red Bull Cliff Diving Series 2009 is made of. Between May and September 2009, the world´s best divers will level up the sport and compete in eight different countries at impressive locations for the overall title. At the venues spread all over Europe, tens of thousands of spectators will cheer for them - and at the decisive moment of the dive, they will be so quiet you could hear a pin drop. The fifth stage of the Cliff Diving Series leads back into the cities: Hamburg is Germany´s second largest city and offers more bridges than any other city in the world. At this Hanseatic city with Europe´s second-largest harbour, the wet element is omnipresent. Last year, a stage of the tour was already held here enthusing the inhabitants to the max though being usually known in Germany as the "cool Northeners". This time the platform will be fixed in the rigging of the proud Rickmer Rickmers - an imposant three-master museum ship in the historic harbour of less


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