Quebec Connection - Episode 7

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Quebec Connection - Episode 7

These Canadian rapid junkies make waterfall dropping look easy! There are two ways to drop a waterfall: pitch yourself over the edge and hope forshow more the best á la Indiana Jones, or ride the bull all the way down and stomp the landing like a boss. Can you guess which style this group of outlandish Québécois kayakers favor? In the last year Billy Thibault, Raphael Boudreault, Emrick Blanchette, Louis-Philippe Rivest, François L. Nadeau, and François Tremblay have ridden some of the finest whitewater around Quebec, Mexico, and the American Northeast. Luckily for us, they have filmed most of it and compiled their clips into a big smorgasbord of very intense lines. Check 2:48, 3:07, and 3:24 for a sample of the less


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