Highlights Telekom Extreme Playgrounds 2010 Berlin HD

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Highlights Telekom Extreme Playgrounds 2010 Berlin HD

Action Sports World´s Elite, BoySetsFire and Panic! At The Disko took 4700 fans at the Telekom Playgrounds by storm. On Sunday Dec. 5th, Berlin proofedshow more one more time that, once a year, it is the action capitol of Europe. The audience witnessed skate- and BMX action on a world class level and watched the riders fighting for the title and $ 80.000 in prize money. This year’s big skate winners were Belgian Phil Zwijsen (Street) and Brasilian Marcelo Bastos (Vert). The BMX highflyer was 16 year old Brett Banasiewicz aka “Maddog” (USA) who delivered an incredible street run. In the Vert last year´s winner, Vince Byron (AUS) made clear who´s the boss in the half. That all was sugarcoated with 3 badass performances by Trashmonkeys, Panic! At The Disco and BoySetsFire who all left the 4700 Fans with open mouths. Spectacular tricks and punk rock at its best! At this year´s Telekom Playgrounds on Dec. 5th in Berlins Velodrom, 4700 people had no time to breath and enjoyed an action packed day. Highlight of the evening was the charged with emotion return of hardcore punk legend BoySetsFire who stepped on stage after a 3 year break. “You just don´t realize that they haven´t played in 3 years” says promoter Lars-Oliver Vogt. “We hope to continue our successful path and looking forward to an even better season 2011”. “And the winner is…”: The skateboard final was dominated by Phil Zwijsen (BEL) who had clear with 86.7 ahead of competitors Rodolfo Ramos (BRA), Kilian Heuberger (GER) and Austen Seaholm (USA). The Vert riders had nothing to put up against Marcelo Bastos (BRA). He was simple the condition of his life that day. A Tail Grap 54 and a 3 m high Fronside Kick Flip left Paul-Luc Ronchetti (UK), Jürgen Horrwarth (GER) and Rune Glifberg just in awe… The BMX street final was a thing between Bruno Hoffmann (GER) and Brett „Maddog“ Banasiewicz. Madddog simply rode everthing into the ground and won this contest with 92.5 points ahead of Hoffmann, Alex Coleborn and Mark Webb (both UK). In an incredible run he delivered a Front Flip No Hand over the Jump Box, 720 at the Spine, Flair-Whip at the Quarter, Front Flip over oil barrels, Flair at the Quarter and Downside Whip at the Quarter! Vince Byron (AUS) could defend his title with 92.5 point against Francisco Zurita (CHI), Austen Coleman (USA) and Steve McCann (AUS). He showed in incredible heights a Barspin to Nohand, Double Whip, Flair Whip and a X-Up Flair.show less


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