Monday Jan 05, 2015

10 questions for…. Liam Peacock

Liam Peacock, teen wakeboarding sensation and EXTREME ambassador, answers our ten questions.....

Age: 15 Born in: Crowthorne, England Lives in: Crowthorne, England Sport: Wakeboarding Years with Extreme: First year

Q. How did you get into your sport and what do you love about it?

“My whole family wakeboarded even before I was born so when I was born it was no surprise when I ended up out on the water from a young age.”

Q. What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

“I’ve got two. The first was last year when I landed my first double flip and was going crazy and the second was this year when I got second in the World Championships.”

Q. What do you want to achieve in your sport in the future?

“One day I would like to become World Champion but until then just train and always be the best I can.”

Q. Who inspires you the most in your sport and why?

“I get inspired by most riders out on the water especially riders in wakeboard videos. I like to take what they do and see if I can do the same or better.”

Q. What is your favourite place to ride and why?

“JBSki because I have ridden there all my life. Although it may not be considered the best cable, when you return from a trip away and get back to JBSki there is something legit about it.”

Q. What music is on your playlist when you ride?

“Always music from good wakeboard movies.”

Q. Which Extreme Sports Channel show would you most like to star in and why?

“Nitro Circus for sure but Lingerie Football League is definitely up there!”

Q. If you could be a pro at any sport other than your current one, what would it be?

“Skateboarding, snowboarding or BMX. Mostly skateboarding though.”

Q. What advice would you give to someone who wants to try your sport for the first time?

“Come find me and I’ll teach you and if you can’t find me then go to your nearest cable, grab a board and learn all the basics before anything else.”

Q. If you could have three wishes, what would they be?

“To have my own personal fairy that grants me more wishes, to be able to fly as fast as I want and wherever I want and to swap the popularity of wakeboarding with football.”

Q. Anything else we should know about you?

“I can do five chin ups in a row… sometimes.”


Channels: Wakeboard