Thursday Jul 25, 2013

Catching up with the Carne brothers!

Photo credit: Josh Hillman Photography (Johnny Carne)

With the weather in the UK burning up - we headed down to WMSki in the  Cotswolds to catch up with the Carne brothers following a success for Sam and a slam for Johnny at Wakestock 2013. With Johnny being injured we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to hand him the clip board to interrogate his brother on his winning run, do's and dont's for a festival and his wise words to anyone looking to start riding. We got the boys some coldies in - gave Johnny very little guidance and let him loose on his brother while we hit the water!

Johnny Carne: Hey Bro! How are you?

Sam Carne: Wonderful.....yourself?

Johnny Carne: All good - minus a bit of hobbling about - but otherwise dandy

Sam Carne: Currently just admiring your handy work on our little brother....

Johnny Carne: Ahhh... would that be reference to his Mohawk? - yes we did a number on him

better than his previous bowl cut

Sam Carne: The number being zero

very true

Johnny Carne: So tell me what you've won recently

Sam Carne: Well it's been an awesome couple of weeks. Managed to take home the National title and followed it up with my first Wakestock title.

Johnny Carne: Top effort lad - but wasn't there somebody missing from the final this year?

Sam Carne: Haha......yes could of been a different story had you not taken that crowd pleasing stack in the semi's. At least you can talk about what could have been for years to come....

Johnny Carne: Its my trump card!

So this was number 10 Wakestock for you - clearly a seasoned campaigner. You must know all about the do's and don'ts of Festival antics

What advice can you give to festival novices?

Sam Carne: I guess you could call me a veteran of sorts. I would advise those whipper snappers to definitely pack a pair wellies despite the unreal weather we were blessed with this year things can get a little mucky in Wales. I would also suggest bringing your smallest/revealing hot pants you own as you'll want to blend in.....I'd imagine you would be able give some wise words regarding pacing yourself through out the festivities?

Johnny Carne: Yeah.... i got a bit over - excited this year - it was all the celebratory drinks i had to toast to your victory!

That aside - I'm impressed by your sterling advice for Wakestock. But i feel you are maybe missing a couple of obvious ones.


Photo credit: Expix Photography (Johnny Carne sombrero)

Sam Carne: Here we go.....

Johnny Carne: 

1) Don't soil yourself

2) Don't make the podium of the event but get drunk enough that they refuse you backstage entry

...... because they thought you were going to soil yourself

3) Don't prove them right by soiling yourself....again

Sam Carne: Classic......those I guess are the 'golden' rules. Goes without saying. In all honesty the decade of Wakestocks have all blurred into one big hazy memory. Lets not point fingers with who soiled what and lets just say waterproofs are essential.

Johnny Carne: Very pragmatic Sam

Sam Carne: You’re a pragmatic!

Johnny Carne: But seriously - it is a great achievement to win Wakestock (you've had enough go's at it) - What was different about this year? training/preparations/conditions?

Sam Carne: Ummmm I guess persistency paid off eventually. I would say it's all down to the day....anything can happen but training out in Florida for two months prior didn't hurt.

Johnny Carne: Alright rub it in! what’s the Florida set up?

Sam Carne: Chain of Wakes. aka C.O.W is a Wake School out in between Orlando and Tampa. Run by UK team coach Stewart Mackie. It's basically the best place i've had the privilege of riding. It's on a chain of 16 lakes all linked by canals. Conditions are consistently ridiculously hot and the New MasterCraft X-star pumps out the juiciest Wake there is.

Sam Carne: "suckling on the udders of awesomeness......."

Johnny Carne: Gnawing on the teet of radness.....

Sam Carne: Exactly.....

Johnny Carne: I think you’re just 'milking' this now

Sam Carne: Johnny your talking to a red bull can.......!?!?

Johnny Carne: Are you referring to my Wakestock commentary lapse - where I gave 5 minutes of outstanding wordsmithery... only to realise i had been speaking to a Red Bull can?

I only noticed when I tried to drink the microphone...

Sam Carne: Maybe we can add that to the list of what not to do?

Johnny Carne: I suppose that's fair!

So what's the plans for the rest of the year champ?

Sam Carne: Busy times, I've got Europeans in Poland and Worlds in Korea approaching next month. So will be getting prepped for that really

Johnny Carne: No down time it seems! - are you going to be spending any time training round these parts at WMSKI cable?

Sam Carne: I'm actually going to hit the water right now as soon as you finished jibber jabbing

Johnny Carne: I won't keep you too long then!

Important question though - we both found wakeboarding and can't seem to get enough of it. What is so awesome about this sport and what keeps you coming back for more?!

Sam Carne: Well it's fair to say i've been hooked from the word go. I guess it's a combination of things....the ever continual pursuit to improve and learn new things.....The feeling you get from just carving around never gets old. Plus the sport is constantly taking new directions new aspects evolve fast. It's exciting to be apart of it

Johnny Carne: What advice would you give to anybody who is interested to try it?

Sam Carne: Go for it....riding on top of the water is a sensation that everyone should experience. Just have fun with it. I would suggest going to a place where someone is willing to give a few tips. It can make the process/experience a whole lot smoother.

Sam Carne: Suck on my plums

Johnny Carne: Would it be fair to say that when you get wet wakeboarding .... it makes girl wet as well?

Sam Carne: Yes they're literally dripping.... 

Johhny Carne: Good to catch up with you broseph! im going to take this opportunity to say thanks to my sponsors for hooking me up with the best gears. O'Brien Wakeboards, bro! Clothing, Jet Pilot Wetsuits, Ultrasport Europe and WMSKI

Would you like to thank some people as well?

Sam Carne: Hyperlite Wakeboards, O'neill Wetsuits and clothing, Mastercraft Boats, WMSKI, Quayside Wake & Ski, Chain Of Wakes. And God - I'd like to thank him to


Thanks to the boys for providing us with this comical interview! We would like to wish Johnny a speedy recovery and Sam the best of luck in the Europeans and the Worlds in the coming months. Stay tuned for updates and videos here. In the meantime, check out the Wakestock Highlight videos above and Sam's winter training in Thailand! 

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