Friday Oct 07, 2011

WSF and TTR Pro Snowboarding Extend Partnership through 2014

Over the past 10 years, TTR Pro Snowboarding and WSF have been working closely together with the joint objective to bring competitive freestyle snowboarding to a higher level of organization. Today, the TTR and WSF announce a new agreement that will extend the current partnership for the next three years into 2014. 

TTR will continue to focus on the progression of higher level events and top riders and has granted the WSF the exclusive worldwide right to approve any grassroots events for the TTR World Snowboard Tour on the 1Star, 2Star and 3Star levels.  The WSF will be offering a range of new services and will continue to work closely with National Snowboard Associations which will play an active role in evaluating, coordinating and handling all events on these levels. 

Channels: 1-4Star TTR Events, 5-6Star TTR Events, Snowboard