Wednesday Mar 17, 2010

Oakley Jib-Vid 2010

For the third year in a row the Oakley Jib-Vid crew are in Mayrhofen awaiting the arrival of the 18 teams who will compete for the coveted top prize of 5,000 euros for their 2-minute film. In just a couple of hours the teams' arrival will be greeted by beautiful blue skies in the picturesque Zilleratal valley.

The shaping crew are in the Penken Park ensuring the features are ready for some of the sickest riding that will be seen all year; with locals and holidaymakers alike eager to crowd into the Arena Nightclub on Friday night to witness the premiere of the 2-minute masterpieces.  

Once again injuries, acts of God and other unforeseen cicumstances have caused some changes to team members. 2 members of last year's winning O'Neill / Isenseven team are now competing against each other as Freddie Evenson joins the Onboard team and Andre Kuhlman hooks up with To Be Continued. With just hours to go until registration, the full and final list currently stands at....

  • Animal; Johno Verity, Paddy Graham, James Webb   
  • GoPro / Forum; Mario Kaeppeli, Richard Prendergast, Johannes Oestergard  
  •; Markus Studer, Tobias Tritscher, Luggi Brucic   
  •; Michael Stannat, Thadde Joas, Simon Huber  
  • Like A Sandwich; Thomas Feurstein, Pirmin Juffinger, Gian-Luca Cavigelli   
  • The Magic; Hauser Mike, Toni Hoellwart, Reini Gruber   
  • Oakley Ski; Joe Murrell, Pat Sharples, Andy Matthews   
  • Oakley Snowboard; Adam Gendle, Tyler Chorlton, Scott McMorris   
  • Onboard; Tom Elliott, Fredrik Evenson, Ethan Morgan   
  • Protest Team; Flo Corzelius, Simon Pircher, Sean Balmer   
  • Roistola; Joonas Mustonen, Antti-Juhani Piirainen, Mikko Lahikainen   
  • S-Cut Production; Marc Swoboda, Dominik Wagner, Tobias Reisenhofer   
  • Seeker replaced by Team Poland   
  • To Be Continued; Matthias Vogt, Andre Kuhlman, Niclas Loeffler   
  • The Undetermined; Florian Heim, Julian Pintarelli, Alex Walch   
  • Unity Productions; Rob Embling, James Woods, Joe Tomlinson   
  • Vans; Matteo Zappaterra, Lorenzo Barbieri, Christoph Leib   
  • Westbeach/Whitelines; Andy Nudds, Billy Morgan, Will Nangle   

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Channels: Snowboard