Monday Jul 19, 2010

Tony Hawk lands 900 in Barcelona

Tony Hawk, arguably one of the greatest skateboarder of all time, continued on his Quiksilver Tony Hawk & Friends European Skateboarding Tour in Europe’s Skateboarding Mecca, Barcelona.

In front of more than 25 000 spectators massed on the magnificent Plaza del Mar beach in La Barceloneta, the 10 time X Games gold medallist, along with his friends Jessie Fritsch, Sandro Dias, Neil Hendrix and Kevin Staab and a couple of Birdhouse young riders, surpassed themselves to entertain the massive crowd packed up around Europe’s biggest portable vert ramp especially built up for the show.

They all displayed their best manoeuvres : airs and liptricks in both old school and modern styles but the public went mad when the Birdman landed a perfect 900°. After some spectacular attempts, supported by the crowd chanting his name, Tony finally succeeded in nailing the two and a half rotation that he built his legend on.

“It’s the biggest crowd I’ve ever skated for in my entire life” Tony Hawk confessed after the show.

The Tony Hawk European Skateboarding Tour is now heading to the UK for the last stop of the Tour in Brighton on July 21st. 

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