Friday Aug 28, 2015

We Are Blood: Skateboarding has never looked this good

There’s no denying that action sports are growing all over the world. However, the biggest challenge is still attempting to crack mainstream markets without losing the identity that makes each sport so special.

Skateboarding has achieved this more than most over the years, thanks in part to Tony Hawk’s legendary video game status, but attracting new fans to watch real people actually skating is a lot more difficult.

That could change with the new movie We Are Blood. This epic story of skateboarding in communities all over the globe will appeal to any audience with its big budget, death-defying stunts and unbelievable locations.

The team who brought us over-the-top snowboarding film, The Art of Flight, are behind WAB and, even though they are delving into a more unfamiliar board sport, they don’t hold back.

Living up to their reputation for inventive and incredible cinematography, Brainfarm have created another visual masterpiece but it’s the skateboarding and the locations that really catch the eye.

The movie follows Paul Rodriguez and his friends as they travel from skateboarding’s home of California to all corners of the world to find out how far their sport has reached.

A trip to Barcelona, where the alternative architecture has inadvertently made the city a skateboarding paradise, is one of the highlights, while a visit to China presents a world which skateboarding has barely touched. However, the final location is the biggest surprise.

Dubai hosts the film’s closing part and the modern metropolis helps create some of the best skateboarding footage you’ll ever see. It perfectly suits Brainfarm’s big ideas for the production and shows just how far skateboarding has come, leaving you wondering where the hell it will go next.

But, of course, whatever the location the film is made by its cast. Rodriguez narrates and gives us food for thought but Clint Walker will really satisfy your hunger for big bangers. There is also a crash reel that will leave you weak at the knees.

While the film jets around the planet, it also introduces the characters behind the sport including 40-year-old veteran Jamie Thomas and deaf skater Brandon White. It tells the story of how the cast discovered skating, be it on the narrow streets of Brazil, or the open plains of middle America.

What is consistent in each unique story however is the passion, which proves that wherever you go in the world there are people who love skateboarding. For anyone not yet converted, We Are Blood is the perfect place to start.

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