Monday Nov 19, 2012

Fabien BAREL will race with HUSABERG in Enduro Moto for a couple round of the nationals in 2013.

Since Fabien has retired from Mtb downhill racing, he has taken the opportunity to ride motorbike enduro races. After a surprising result, 44th, at the trèfle lozerien (famous enduro race in france) on a Husaberg 350 that he was lent by the brand, Fab decided to have a couple more enduro experiences in 2013. Fabien and Husaberg will continue their adventure for a couple of rounds of the French national races and few of the enduro classics. The first step has been to choose between the 450 and 350 engine for Fab. After a testing session in Brignoles, France, Fab noticed straight away how demanding the 450 was, with its strong character of handling and lots of power. As part of his learning, Fab decided to run the 350 for more comfort on the long timed stages. Looks lke an exciting winter of enduro training!

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