Friday Jun 07, 2013

Santa Cruz Tallboy 2 Launches

Just in case you thought it was all about 27.5" wheels here at Santa Cruz this year... the 29er strikes back!

When Tallboy first launched, it wiped the floor with everything in its category. Most 29ers of the time had the geometry and suspension performance of an economy airline seat, and the industry knew it.

Tallboy was awarded "Bike of the Year" time after time, changing the perception of what a 29" wheel mountain bike was capable of.

What Santa Cruz initially thought would be a niche marathon bike turned out to be a killer all- round trail bike. Balanced geometry and shock rate, combined with our proprietary carbon lay-up to create a package that didn't need meddling with for over four years.

And still doesn't. Kind of.

The geometry of Tallboy2 remains true to the original. However, Santa Cruz have fine-tuned the shock rate, improved pedaling efficiency, increased stiffness and reduced weight to make this Don of 29 the kind of sequel Francis Ford Coppola would approve of.

Tallboy Carbon 

Tallboy Aluminum


Check out the Santa Cruz Tallboy 2 video. Click here

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