Monday Nov 19, 2012

Bluegrass: Euro-Enduro Tour series 2013

News is coming in that Bluegrass, a leading sportswear and safety eqipment company is expending across Europe in 2013 and is hoping to become the first ever international series of MTB enduro!

After the UCI's spectacular flop out of the proposed 2013 enduro world cup it blew the competition wide open for someone, or something, to replace the gap.

Details are thin on the ground at the minute, but there seems to be races set up in France, Italy, England and Ireland at the minute for the Bluegrass Enduro Tour.

All details about dates and locations coming soon. In the meantime here is the teaser of the event featuring Rémy Absalon, winner of the Bluegrass Enduro Tour 2012.  

Stay tuned…!

Channels: Mountain Bike