Wednesday Oct 03, 2012

Red Bull rampage - Sneak Peek


So all the athletes have arrived, so naturally Twitter and Instagram have exploded with course photos from the riders and their choosen work 'mules'/aides.

Here's a selection of some of the lines, special products and features that will be on show at the 2012 Red Bull Rampage.

Andreu Lacondeguy's trick new lid for Rampage!

Cam Zink's new helmet for Red Bull, courtesy of Troy Lee Designs.

Brandon Semenuk's new helmet for Red Bull, courtesy of Troy Lee Designs.

Mike Hopkins line choice after a busy, sweaty day digging and riding. He seems to have made a friend out there too...

Cam Zink's CRAZY Stepdown to Step-Up line, built with the aid of Sram_mtb

Oakley Icon Sender Revised! This thing still looks nuts!!!



We've been scouring the internet and have found some sneaky pictures of the Red Bull Rampage courtesy of photographer @NadiaSamer mountain bike crash test dummy @admbillinghurst and course builder @JeremyWitek of Work begun 30th August and they have been working relentlessly ever since, tweeting their progress in between.

Blood sweat and tears go into making this event what it is... Along with some heavy machinery.

The work never stops for Jeremy. When he's not on the mountain the paint brush comes out.

Day 4 of the build schedule.

A nice new sender line. The picture a little further below of Adam 'guinea pigging' gives you a good indication of where you're supposed to land.

In typical Rampage fashion, nothing is done by halves...

Russell Shumaker testing out one of the many new features Jeremy and his crew have been building.

The official word from Red Bull on the progress seems like they are going for 'bigger is better'.

"One could say that the theme for this year's Red Bull Rampage course is simply, 'bigger'. With the course in such phenomenal shape and many pre-existing features looking better than they did at the previous event in 2010, not much work is needed, other than increasing them in size.

The digging crew wants to construct the best features possible for the riders to throw down their top tricks and wow the judges. Quite a few of the take-offs are being built larger, with their respective landings being made longer and smoother. In a mere three days the diggers have managed to increase the size of the landing for the infamous 'Canyon Gap' by a monstrous six feet in vertical height and they've started work on trails coming off the top of the venue from the new start location." 

The new start location is from the highest possible location, which should give the riders the largest scope for creatign their own lines mixed into the ones built by the likeas of: Jeremy; Randy Spangler; Josh Bender; Adam Billinghurst; Russell Schumaker and H5 Events. 

The event will take place on October 5-7 and will be streaming the event live, courtesy of Red Bull. Be sure to check back for all the latest news and updates.

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