Tuesday May 04, 2010

Nevis Range Gondola opens for new season

Home of the UK leg of the UCI MTB DHI in Fort William, the gondola accessed bike trails of the Nevis Range are set to reopen in May.

The Off Beat downhill trail and the Nevis Red XC, which only opened for the first time during the summer of 2009, both reopen on May 15th and 8th respectively and riders will able to use the Nevis Range mountain gondola, the only one of its kind in the UK, to transport them and their bikes up the slopes of Aonach Mor, to the start of these trails.  

The Off Beat downhill trail at Nevis Range is home to the Mountain Bike World Cup which takes place this year during the first weekend in June as well as a number of other Mountain bike races and endurance events.

Season Tickets will also be available for the first time. 

Check out the Nevis Range site for more details -  www.nevisrange.co.uk

Channels: UCI MTB World Cup DHI 2010 - Scotland, Mountain Bike