Tuesday Nov 09, 2010

Reset Films Presents 'Find'

As you can see, the guys at Reset Films have been very busy of late.

Their latest offering to the MTB world is their new film 'Find', a wonderful bit of filmography featuring some amazing locations with some of the worlds best riders and most knowledgable guides. Their focus was to produce a film that not only inspires others to get the bike out on the trails, but a film that gives you a unique perspective from people who live and breath mountain biking.

One of the main features of the film is the uncut, full length documentary following the amazing riders Danny MacAskill, Steve Peat & Hans 'No Way' Rey on their trip through the scottish highlands, a segment of which you can see right here.

You can buy the DVD through their site www.resetfilms.co.uk

Channels: Mountain Bike