Wednesday Sep 02, 2015

Britain's Jack Carthy 'certain' to become Trials World Champion

The Mountain Bike Trials World Championships are just around the corner and British rider Andrei Burton believes his teenage teammate Jack Carthy is the man to beat.

19-year-old Carthy has already wrapped up the World Cup title after winning all but one of the five stops this season.

He has also worn the rainbow jersey five times before, at junior and cadet level, and is the clear favourite to take the elite title when the competition kicks off in Andorra this week.

“He will be World Champion next week,” said Burton. “He will win for sure. I don’t see how he can’t win as he’s hands down the best rider in the world right now.

“He is already five-time World Champion at junior levels. In his first year in elite he won everything. I’m fairly certain Jack is going to win it and I’d like to think I’m not going to be too far behind him.”

Hampered by injury this year, Saltrock sponsored rider Burton has missed all the World Cup contests, but returned to action at an international competition in France last week, beating some of the best in the world.

He is a veteran on the circuit now, has been as high as fifth in the world, and has a host of world records under his belt – including highest 360 drop.

However, despite only recently recovering from a broken foot, Burton is targeting a place on the podium alongside Carthy.

“I’d like to get top 3 in the world,” he added. “Every year I seem to get a big injury. I didn’t really think my level was good enough to ride the World Cups yet but I went to this big trial in the south of France and they had the best riders in the world there.

“I managed to get third and I beat the current World Champion and Kenny Belaey who is nine-times World Champion. That was a really nice boost.

“I’m really looking forward to Worlds. I’d like to make finals and if I can do that I’ll be fighting really hard. I know it’s possible, we’ll just wait and see.”

Carthy’s recent success and Burton’s ambition are all the more impressive because they get no support from British Cycling, the sport’s governing body in the UK, whatsoever.

That hasn’t stopped Burton trying to boost the sport on and off the competition circuit however, with unique events and contests of his own. The most recent was the London Street Trials Battle, which attracted some of the best riders in the world, and big crowds to Green Park in the capital city.

This year’s World Championships will offer some of the best professional trials riding ever seen, and Burton believes the competitive side of the sport deserves more exposure.

“The sport has progressed hugely. What a decent street rider will do now just didn’t exist a few years ago,” he said. “I’ve been trying to make competitive trials better for the public to watch so it becomes more of a spectacle.

“There’s the competition route and then the street-riding route. There’s a huge divide and it’s kind of lost its way.

“To be honest I personally prefer competitions. You can go out riding and try something 300 times and you’ll do it but with competitions you have to ride what someone else has designed, and do what someone else thinks is possible, and you have to make yourself do it in the moment, first time.

“There’s a lot more challenge to it in my opinion. It’s such a good spectator sport when it’s done properly.”

There’s no bigger stage to show off trials riding than at the World Championships and both Burton and Carthy will be hoping their performances can help shine a spotlight on their sport – as well as earn them podium places.

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