Wednesday Nov 20, 2013

A 360˚ Lens for action cams!

Actioncam360 launch Kickstarter campaign for their 360˚ lens for action cams!

The actioncam360 puts a lens and mirror into a waterproof action cam case to capture constant all-round action, enabling users to get very creative and never risk missing a spectacular jump or wipe out that would previously have been out of shot.

Key features of the action360 are:

· Continuous 360 degree video capture from a single camera.

· Engages the viewer in the replay – choose to look in any direction during playback.

· Versatile – models planned for GoPro™ and other popular action cams.

· Compact, lightweight and waterproof – so it can be used anywhere.


“The actioncam 360 is very special housing for your GoPro camera that will enable you to capture 360 degree video with a single camera. Once you have filmed it then our software will process it and make it fully interactive when either viewing locally on your own PC or sharing them with friend online through our 360 hosting platform.”

Although this video wasn't filmed on the actioncam360 - this is the sort of thing they are aiming for. These kind of videos are epic and there is some serious fun to be had! You can change the view by clicking on the video and moving the mouse. 

The launch is planned for March 2014, but they recently launched our Kickstarter funding campaign, the Kickstarter page explains more about how the idea has been developed, patented and prototyped to date.

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