Thursday Oct 24, 2013

FISE could be coming to a city near you!

Be part of the FISE global expansion

Hurricane Action Sports company has set up a call for applications for its world tour, FISE WORLD SERIES (FWS). The bidding process for the 2015-2017 hosting period is now open. Get ready to host the most exciting action sports event!

FISE is the biggest Action Sports festival in the world. It takes place every year in Montpellier, south of France since 1997 . More than 2000 athletes (professionals and amateurs) compete during 1 week in disciplines such as BMX, Skateboard, Roller, Mountain Bike, Wake Board and Scooter.

The success and reputation of the FISE are well established; the 17th edition (in 2013) attracted 480,000 spectators from all around the world. Here is an overview of the FISE Montpellier 

The competition for the FISE WORLD Series 2015 - 2017 will be awarded to cities going through the bid

process, starting on from October, 1st, 2013 until February 15th, 2014.

The FWS 2014 will be composed of 3 stages taking place in the host cities around the world :

- France (Montpellier - 28 May - 1 June)

- Malaysia (Malaka - 4 - 7 September)

- China (Chengdu - 24 - 26 October)

In 2015, 3 more cities will take part of the program to compose a 6 stages tour. FISE World Series will therefore be a recurrent event allowing people from each Host city to identify to the FISE as it will become a major cultural event.

As part of this invitation for tender, any private or public entities involved in sports events management on behalf of a city, and in the interest of its tourism development, may submit a proposal.

The bidding process has been set up for all city bidders representatives willing to develop and benefit from a long-term partnership : city and regional councils, local and territorial governments, private event agencies as well as city sponsors.

Our 17 years experience as Action Sports event organizer have shown us the benefits of working

collaboratively with a host city in the long-term:

* A popular event, gathering thousands of people together, leading to an ever growing number of Action Sports adepts

* A new dynamic for local and regional activities with the mobilization of sports clubs, and/or associations to promote the disciplines of the FISE and enhance the tourist destination through the FISE

* An opportunity to highlight the city though our important media coverage and boost its image

* A chance to increase significantly the local economy during the FISE which attracts many tourists and locals (restaurants, bars, transport etc).

Think Globally, Act locally with FISE WORLD SERIES !

More informations :

Channels: BMX, Skateboard, Wakeboard