Tuesday Jun 04, 2013


In July 2013 the BMX worlds will become the place of pilgrimage for the international BMX scene. The worldwide only BMX Festival is celebrating another weekend of BMX freestyle (dirt, vert, park, street and flatland) at the Cologne Jugendpark

The Dirt Set-Up design is ready, and once again Markus Hampl has come up with a great Line for the SNIPES BMX Worlds 2013. Together with Benni Paulsen, he will be in charge of the digger in order to have the over-sized hills ready on time. On July 12, the best dirt riders in the world will meet under the Zoobrücke and take their first rounds on the monstrous Dirt Line.

If you missed last year’s awesome BMX dirt finals; check them out here: http://extreme.com/bmx/1022517/bmx-worlds-2012-dirt-finals-replay

The Park & Street area was barely used last year due to the awful weather and the pro competition in the Park discipline had to be cancelled. So that everyone can enjoy the great Park design at the SNIPES BMX Worlds 2013, we will take the best of last year's construction and add a few improvements.

  The Park contains a Bowl section with endless transfer opportunities as well as quarterpipes, spines, wall rides and a fat jump box. The Street area will also have some new features-- so all the riders will really get their money's worth this year. 

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