Friday Nov 18, 2011

This weeks Top Five Videos

As new sort of tradition for a Friday, we've crashed our already bruised brains together and voted for what we thought to be the best five videos from this week. There is no strategy to this decision making process apart from shouting the loudest and bullying but we think it's a system that works. So here they are, our Top Five videos for the week.

Horsefeathers Pleasure Jam 2011

Red Bull Most Wanted 2011

Zoo York - Harold Hunter Day V

Tove Holmgren onlinepart 10/11

Tove Holmgren onlinepart 10/11 from Monokel Eyewear on Vimeo.

Gonzo - Full Movie

GPSY FEELIN - GONZO (full movie) from Gpsyfeelin on Vimeo.

As it's the first week of doing this, we're going to break the rules already and add an extra bonus one that's everyone seemed to enjoy...

720 double kickflip 1000 fps: Slow Motion

Channels:, BMX, Freeski, Skateboard, Snowboard