Monday Oct 11, 2010

UCI BMX Supercross - Frejus

In an impressive final leg of the UCI BMX Supercross, Maris Strombergs outperformed all his rivals at the weekend. The strong Latvian rider came powering down the start hill in front of thousands of BMX fans on the sunny south coast of France to dominate the Elite Men's race from start to finish. With this victory in Fréjus, the Olympic and World Champion also secured his overall 2010 Supercross World Cup title. 

Strombergs running a temperature
Maris Strombergs was ecstatic after his final race. “This is amazing. I felt so tired today. I was not expecting this,” Strombergs said gasping for air. “I was running a temperature and I could not have done one more race! But I kept focussed on this last one and gave it all. This is great. But I am not done yet. I want to win it all. Also the ABA Grands that are coming up in the States.”

Strombergs is determined. If he wins the ABA Grands in November of this year, he will win the quadruple crown, something that has not been done before: Winning the 2010 NBL Grands, 2010 UCI World Championships and the 2010 UCI Supercross World Cup and the ABA Grand.   

Willers: “I won the Silver”
Second was Marc Willers from New Zealand and third Connor Fields. Willers is back on the podium and a happy man. When asked whether he had lost the gold or won the silver, the Kiwi said smiling: “It felt like I won the silver.”

Willoughby not on the podium
Sam Willoughby was the only rider that also had a chance of taking the 2010 Supercross World Cup title. But in order to do so, the double Juniors World Champion (AUS) had to beat Maris Strombergs by two places. With a fourth place in the final Willoughby could not prolong his 2009 World Cup title.  

Sarah Walker back on track
Sarah Walker won the women’s event and is back on track after she suffered a back injury during the World Championships in South Africa. Second was Lauren Reynolds (AUS) and third the 2009 Juniors World Champion Mariana Pajon. The favourite, Laëtitia Le Corguillé, crashed during the trials on October 8 and could not compete in the final due to a broken finger. However, with victories in all the other three Supercross rounds this season, Le Corguillé's lead in the overall standings was enough to secure her the 2010 Supercross trophy.

“Smooth and simple”
Sarah Walker said immediately after her winning the event, “I felt strong, kept it smooth and simple. That gave me the victory. I also did not have any expectations. I just wanted to race as a starting point after my injury. So I am really happy, but it is a bit bitter sweet because Laëtitia could not race. I would have loved to compete against her. In Copenhagen we were elbowing all the way. That was great competition. But on the other hand I won here and to do that you have to race and stay on your bike and that is just what I did.”   

1)    M. Strombergs (LAT) 31.805
2)    M. Willers (NZL) 31.960
3)    C. Fields (USA) 32.139
4)    S. Willoughby (AUS) 32.749 4
5)    R. Marino (ARG) 33.027
6)    J. Meyers (USA) 33.344
7)    B. Kirkham (AUS) 1:00.399
8)    L. Phillips (GBR) 

1)    S. Walker (NZL) 35.774
2)    L. Reynolds (AUS) 36.195
3)    M. Pajon (COL) 36.327
4)    A. Post (USA) 36.391
5)    A. Martin (USA) 36.933
6)    J. Seesing (NED) 37.610
7)    R. Bracken (AUS) 38.118
8)    A. Carr (USA) 46.398  

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