Wednesday Aug 05, 2015

Travis Pastrana thinks the Moto Quad Flip is possible!

If you've watched Josh Sheehan land the incredible world-first Triple Backflip on a motorbike you may have thought the same thing as us the moment he landed it - what about a quad??

The question stuck with us and after Jed Mildon took his bike into orbit to land the first ever quadruple flip on a BMX recently, we had to know when we would see a motorbike doing the same.

So we tracked down the fearless leader of Nitro Circus himself, Travis Pastrana and put him on the spot. The pioneer of all things extreme, particularly when it comes to flipping motorbikes, gave us just the answer we wanted to hear. Although, he didn't say it was going to be easy.

Your take off ramp would be the size of the stadium, and you'd have to hit it at 100mph.

"Is it possible to do a quad? Yes, of course," said Pastrana. "But your take off ramp would have to be the size of a stadium, and you'd have to hit it going 100mph.

"Is anyone willing to do that? Not yet, but maybe there's a kid out there. It's possible. Stupid, but possible!"

To hear more about how the Nitro Circus Live crew could make the quad flip happen watch our full interview below, and don't forget to get your tickets for the tour's return to Europe in 2016 at!

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