Thursday Dec 18, 2014

The 12 Best Things To Happen To Action Sports in 2014

Another year of stomped tricks, big bails, historic victories and dramatic losses is coming to an end.

To celebrate we've put together a list of some of our most popular videos to honour the best athletes and moments that action sports had to offer in 2014. Enjoy!

The Ridge

The world’s best trials rider, Danny MacAskill released some crazy edits this year. He travelled to the lost city of Epecuen, rode around the Playboy mansion and nailed a full loop while floating on the River Thames.

But nothing came close to matching the sheer epicness of The Ridge, which hit all mainstream media and already has over 25 million views on YouTube. 

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LED suits


Night-time action sports edits seem to be getting more and more popular but this year saw a new craze take over. Luminous LED lights lit up numerous edits in 2014 with kayak, BMX and drifting all involved.

But our favourite by far is the award-winning short film Afterglow which shows freeskiers hitting massive kickers and shredding gnarly spines with only the colourful beams to guide them.

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The Longest Jump


While many of the moments or people on this list can be described as success stories, that is unfortunately not the case here.

Guerlain Chicherit attempted to break the world record for the longest ramp car jump last summer but it didn’t go too well. It’s a useful reminder that flying a car 100 metres through the air isn’t always a good idea and how dangerous the sports we love can be.

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Kriss Kyle

The young Scot has been pushing BMX to whole new levels this year, posting unbelievable new tricks online on a daily basis and seems to be able to flip and spin with almost no air whatsoever.

This edit is just a glimpse into what Kriss Kyle is capable of and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with in 2015.

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Jeremy Jones' Higher


The king of big mountain snowboarding completed his epic film trilogy with the release of the third installment in the Deeper, Further, Higher series this autumn.

Some of the lines in Higher are genuinely terrifying but the trail that Jeremy Jones has blazed is probably the most amazing thing about his riding. Who will pick up the mantle in 2015.

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Tom Van Steenbergen


This British Columbia native took the freeride mountain bike world by storm this year. Andreu Lacondeguy may have won Rampage, Brandon Semenuk may have won the FMB World Tour – but Tom van Steenbergen’s massive front flips can’t be ignored.

His attempt over the canyon gap at Rampage was pure madness. Click here for more Tom van Steenbergen clips.

Aaron Gwin's tyre


In one of the most exciting Downhill World Cup seasons in history there were plenty of memorable moments. The mud in Cairns, Troy Brosnan in Fort William and Josh Bryceland’s overall win were all highlights.

But the sight of Aaron Gwin smashing almost the entire Leogang course without a back tyre will go down in MTB history. Special mention goes to Neko Mulally who did something similar in the World Champs – finishing fourth despite losing his chain coming out of the start gate.

The Bike Flip


There has been some serious progression in action sports in 2014. Nitro Circus push the limits daily, the FMB World Tour went mad and snowboarders were pulling triple-corks in their sleep.

But while FMX riders around the world were attempting their first body varials, Tom Pages was working on something truly unique. And even that wasn’t enough to beat Josh Sheehan and his perfect double-backflips to X-Fighters glory. Who knows what will happen in 2015.

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Henrik Harlaut’s pants


Slopestyle skiing and snowboarding went mainstream this winter when they joined the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Now, skateboarding and BMX see a real chance of making their Olympic dreams come true as well.

But is it good for the sports? Will they lose their unique personality and become part of the corporate machine? Not if Henrik Harlaut has anything to do with it.

To watch Henrik Harlaut in action click here.

Urban Downhill


Urban Downhill races have been around for years, all over the world, but it seems that in 2014 they reached new levels of popularity. Everything from the world famous Taxco Downhill in Mexico to lesser-known contests in France and New Zealand have taken the internet by storm with gnarly headcam footage.

With the City Downhill World Tour hoping to expand next year, will we see even more in 2015?

To watch more Urban Downhill click here.

X Games in Austin


The biggest action sports event in the world found a new home this year and it looks set to stay there for some time. Austin was the perfect host for X Games (here’s six reasons why) and it helped that the competition itself was epic in 2014. We can’t wait for next year.

For more action from X Games Austin click here.

James Kingston

This self-titled urban explorer from Southampton took Parkour in a whole new direction this year. The POV footage of his epic urban freeclimbs are becoming world famous and, despite being terrifying even for those people who aren't afraid of heights, you can't take your eyes off them.

It's been a good year for the 24-year-old but he has even bigger things planned for 2015. Click here for more James Kingston clips.

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