Friday May 03, 2013


LA should be buzzing with their  11th  year hosting the X Games cruising in to sight on August 1 – 4. However fans and athletes alike have been handed two spells of bad news in the last week with the announcement that the competition will not be returning to Los Angeles in 2014 soon followed by the removal of several BMX and skate events from this year’s competition.

With the contract keeping the US X Games in Southern LA expiring after this year’s event, bidding started in October from potential new host cities. But no further deals are being considered in LA as ESPN have confirmed that US X Games 2014- 2016 will be held at either  Chicago, Detroit, Austin, Texas, or Charlotte, N.C.

In regards to this year the absence of three fan favourite competitions will be noticed as ESPN have dismissed the BMX Vert, Park and Skateboard Park events from the contests being considered for this year. ESPN’s senior director of Content Strategy and Sports & Competition Tim Reed explained this decision;

"For more than 18 years, the X Games have been constantly changing and evolving and with the move to a global, six-event model with this year's expansion, we have the opportunity to produce different events across the globe and showcase a very diverse sports lineup,"

"It's important to view X Games as not just one event but as a collective six events, which will have a variety of sports and disciplines moving forward." Source:

This news follows the previous announcement that Moto X freestyle and best trick will also not feature this year, which leaves the following as potential events for this summer;

·         BMX Big Air

·         BMX Street

·         Skateboard Big Air

·         Skateboard Vert

·         Skateboard Street (men's and women's)

·         Moto X Best Whip

·         Step Up

·         Women's Racing

·         Enduro X (men's and women's)

·         RallyCross

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