X corps Action Sports TV #19.) DUNES -s e g.4

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X corps Action Sports TV #19.) DUNES -s e g.4

X corps Action Sports Show #19.)"DUNES"-s e g.4- In this episode X corps hosts Eric D u c h a r m e and Ratshow more S u l t go to the sand vehicle capital of the world-southern C a l i f o r n i a s G l a m i s Dunes- to ride 700 horsepower sand rods and host Jason L a z o hangs with members of the band Collective Soul in this hard charging motor sports episode. Segment one opens with a shot from space showing the vast sand area called G l a m i s Dunes 150 miles east of San Diego where a small fee gets you a pass into the biggest sand toy park on the planet where no license or smog test is required. Its just another a d r e n a l i s e d day for hosts Rat and Eric who roll their new custom A L S high performance hot rods out of the trailer and onto the sand. See and hear the big V8s roar with fat paddle tires throwing sand tails on this big Halloween weekend where thousands of people come to ride their machines. New music from the El Music Group band Collective Soul rock the action with the super sand buggies easily pulling second gear wheelies and big airborne flights in this awe inspiring sand environment. Hear Rats G l a m i s charge as P O V in car cams put the sand in your face as the All Star Cars- bred from B a j a racers- land safely after their 3-4 second above dune flights. After that Jason hangs at the home of El Music Group founder Fred C r o s h a l and members of the band Collective Soul -Ed Roland and Joel K o s c h e - who jam a cool smooth acoustic version of their new song Satellite from their new Youth CD. Sweet. Local backyard birds add a custom element not on the CD! Then its back to the sand and the raw power from the Cadillac North Star motors gulping gas by the gallon as Rat and Eric descend the huge Oldsmobile Hill, the epicenter of sand action at G l a m i s. Check out the insanity as every type of sand rig from quads to M X to street trucks go wide open all the way to the top. See what the women of the sand look like and what they ride! Rat S u l t talks to sand rod owner Keith Muir who tells about the rush of rolling the dunes in a 700HP full suspension vehicle. After that the show rolls back to Jason who talks to Collective Souls Ed and Joel about their new CD and they perform another tune --Counting the Days- for the X C cameras. The show closes out back in the sand with legend Robby G o r d o n s truck doing a brutal hammer nosedive shot c/o Thrust1.com and G l a m i s I n f o.com Keep the Dunes Free! Use your belts and wrist restraints. See The Action Hear The Music Join The X corps! Close Captioned J.S.E d m o n d s o n 11/2004 T R T-29:30 http://www.xcorpstv.com/ ©2011 The X corps All Rights Reservedshow less


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